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The Radical Empathy Now campaign is an evolution of the life work and dreams of Dr. Craig Pierce. Dr. Pierce founded Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute in 2004 in Albuquerque, New Mexico to provide child and family therapy in the high needs state with the mission of promoting healing and transformation for the clients and community his agency serves.


His passion for improving the lives of others inspired him to write his first book, Parenting without Distraction: The Attunetion Approach. The book is dedicated to helping those with children to parent with greater confidence, ease and love. The Attunetion Approach calls upon us all to stop, pay attention and tune in to what matters most in our lives. Only then can we determine the Right Thing, Right Time and Right Way to approach what is most valuable to us in order to achieve our desired outcomes; whether it be in relation to parenting, or any other aspect of our lives.


Throughout his years of practice, Dr. Pierce realized one fundamental truth. That at the heart of everything "good" in our world is empathy...and that at the root of of the worlds ills is the absence, or lack of empathy. Sadly, it seems that empathy levels are diminishing more and more in our youth and communities as a whole. Its no wonder that each day we read a paper, or turn on the news we are faced with yet another horrifying account of another school or mass shooting, another story of a teen bullied to the point of committing suicide, or another story of senseless violence. It is apparent that it's empathy that we, as a collective society, need to stop and pay Attunetion to if we are to have any hope for humanity in our future and for generations to come.


IT'S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION...we need RADICAL EMPATHY NOW! We say "radical empathy" because we can no longer afford to be complacent. We must take radical action now if we are to reinstate the values of empathy back into our collective culture.








Historically, successful social revolutions have involved at least three components; change on an individual/family level, change within the educational system, and change at the community level. To ensure success our Empathy Revolution will also address all three components.

Here's how:



Change at the Individual Level


At the individual level we will be helping to bring empathy skills to parents and families through our therapeutic work, and by making empathy the foundation of all of our parenting resources.


We have developed a 21-Day Empathy Challenge, designed to help us in making empathy a daily practice. We encourage each challenge participant to sign a pledge that they will refer at least one other individual to also take the challenge. Through the practice and repetition of the 21-Day Empathy Challenge our goal is to help bring empathy to the forefront of our individual thoughts and actions.






Change Among Teachers and Within the Educational System

The Radical Empathy Now Team is proud to announce that we will be brining Roots of Empathy to our state. The program will begin its first year in Albuquerque during the 2014-2015 school year. Albuquerque is only the 5th city to be approved to implement this program in the United States. The program is currently implemented in Seattle, WA, Oakland, CA, Brooklyn, NY and Washington, DC.


Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. Roots of Empathy's mission is to build caring, peaceful and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults. To learn more about this incredible program click here.





Change in the Community

Radial Empathy Now is campaigning to bring empathy into the forefront of community discussion by implementing empathy based parenting trainings. We are also partnering with the Public Conversations Project which works to prevent and transform conflicts driven by deep differences in identity, beliefs or values. The Public Conversations Project brings disputants together for the kind of dialogue that shifts relationships from ones of mistrust, defense, withdrawal, or attack to those of curiosity, connection, and compassionate understanding of differences. PCP does not seek to shift people’s core beliefs and commitments around the issues that have divided them.

Many of PCP’s approaches have roots in family systems therapy methods and goals. Family therapist skills help relatives to stop seeing each other as bitter adversaries, even if they do continue to disagree on important matters. For more information on innovative program click here.





Dr. Craig Pierce, LMFT, LPCC

Dr. Pierce is the Founder & President of Southwest Family Guidance Center and Institute. He is a fellow with the American Psychotherapy Association and has over 30 years of experience in the mental health field.  He has worked extensively in the public school system, in private practice, as a school counselor and psychologist, and has been the clinical director of three agencies.  His specialty areas include empathy, interpersonal neurobiology, abuse and neglect, family therapy, domestic abuse treatment, childhood disorders, and clinical supervision. Dr. Pierce is the creator of the Attunetion Model, and author of Parenting Without Distraction: The Attuneiton Approach. His passion for empathy and hid drive for making the world a better place is what brought Radical Empathy Now to life!

Courtney Custer, MA, LMHC

Courtney is a trainer and program facilitator with the Radical Empathy Now. She holds a bachelors degree in psychology and a masters degree in counseling from the University of New Mexico. Courtney is a licensed mental health counselor and is a member of the American Counseling Association and the National Board of Certified Counselors.  She has worked as a therapist in schools and community agencies with families, couples, and children. She serves as the Roots of Empathy key point person in New Mexico. As such, she helps train Root of Empathy school administrators, educators, families, and volunteers. Courtney's determination to revolutionize parenting and education of young children make her a priceless part of the team!



Nathan Hoge

Nathan is the Creative Director and Media Coordinator for Radical Empathy Now.

He works with the team to promote Radical Empathy on a global scale, by means of this website, social media, and other methods of community outreach.

Nathan helps produce trainings, keynote speeches, and videos designed to educate our audience on the importance of empathy and social/emotional literacy.

He was instrumental in the launch of Radical Empathy Now having created our logo, identity, and website.




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